Manufacture De Digoin Oil Cruet 

The factory des Grès et Poteries de Digoin was, at first, a hand-crafted and familial business. Back in 1875, when the Manufacture was founded, villages like Digoin and Paray-le-Monial were known as the ‘Ceramic Valley’ and were home to about forty factories, each one with specific skills (roof-tile making, bricks, decorative tiles, etc.)

Since 1875, craftspeople from the Manufacture de Digoin have been shaping garden potteries made of stoneware, their ambition being the perpetration of legendary know-how.

The Manufacture de Digoin perpetuates its expertise producing exclusively stoneware pieces to preserve, prepare, cook, stew, and contain.

The stoneware clay, which is prepared entirely inside the Manufacture’s workshops, is made of natural mineral materials from France (Burgundy, Auvergne, Charente, and Île-de-France). Objects come to life in those Burgundian workshops thanks to the expertise of passionate workers. All pieces are shaped and enameled by hand, making them unique

This Jug made of enamelled stoneware is perfect to preserve all your oils, vinegars and even liqueurs.
The spout is optional and sold separatly 

Made in France 

2.7x9.4 inches - holds 2.5 cups(7x24 cm - holds 0.6 L)

Manufacture De Digoin Oil Cruet

SKU: VMK-095