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Vivi et Margot is a curation of artisanal, timeless products that reflect the elegance of French tradition. Every piece is intentionally chosen for its ability to aesthetically elevate interior spaces and functionally meet the demands of everyday life. From cooking to dining to toting fresh vegetables from the local market, our homewares are meant to play a part in a life well lived.


Naming the brand after her two daughters, Charlotte Reiss launched Vivi et Margot in 2015 and has since created an inspirational online space that has gained a dedicated following. 

As a USA-based brand, Vivi et Margot aims to create accessibility to products that are made in and inspired by France for those living outside its borders. We intentionally celebrate artisanal quality and small batch makers, featuring hand woven baskets and homewares manufactured by small French businesses. Within our own Vivi et Margot line of goods, we offer pieces that focus on the elegance of French design. We invite you to bring the timeless beauty of la cuisine française traditionnelle into your own home and join us in celebrating the magic of everyday life, one French-inspired piece at a time.

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