The Petites Pommes swim ring is a reborn childhood classic. 

1  Inflatable Big Kids Swim Ring

Color: Terra Verde (Earthy Green /cream)

Size: 60cm round 

Recommended age: 8 -16 years

Packaged in reusable bag of organic cotton for easy storage.

Here to make safety look stylish, you can rely on the Petite Pommes armbands to let your little one build confidence in the water. 



• Made of heavyweight, durable material to stand the test of time.
• Free of BPA and phthalates.
• Use only under constant supervision.
• Device consists of two armbands. All components shall be worn.
• Always fully inflate all air chambers. To be worn on the upper arm only.
• Check the armbands' seams and covers regularly to ensure there are no rips or tears.


Petites Pommes Big Kids Swim Ring Terra Verde